About Shapes Fitness for Women

Shapes® Fitness for Women creates an environment where women can feel comfortable and enjoy the company of other women who have similar goals. Our staff is comprised of caring experts who are highly motivated.

The Shapes® Fitness in Sarasota located at 5451 Fruitville Road is owned and managed by Gail McBain, a long-time fitness industry professional.

Shapes® Fitness for Women Across the Country

Shapes® has been involved in women’s fitness for over 35 years. Our first location opened in 1985 and we have been helping women achieve their fitness goals ever since.

The impetus for Shapes® to open a fitness operation that was 100% focused on women was driven by the mainstream desire to live a healthy lifestyle. Female fitness had been influenced by the likes of Abbye “Pudgy” Stockton, Bobby Riggs, Jane Fonda and so many others who with the development of new technology, brought health and fitness into your home. Then in the 1980’s, gym owners built facilities that attracted new customers and members and encouraged them to be part of a greater group exercise craze. Shapes® Fitness For Women recognized that many women wanted to exercise in facilities that were tailored to their needs.

Gail McBain

Owner, Shapes Fitness for Women in Sarasota

Gail McBain has worked with the Shapes Total Fitness Corporation in Tampa from the beginning. In over 30 years with the company she was recognized with many Employee of the Year awards and recognized for Highest Profitability, National Sales Contests, and Outstanding Performance. She was a successful Area Director for 13 Shapes locations.

Gail had the opportunity to open her own franchise in 2016 after Shapes had reorganized the company. Her genuine appreciation and care for her members is apparent when she greets them by name as they walk through the door.  She will greet you with her warm smile every day. She will have an open ear anytime you need her. She will drop anything she is doing to help you with your fitness program. She has hand-selected her team to carefully carry out her mission to create an environment where all women can feel comfortable, safe, valued, and inspired to be their healthiest. 

I would love to invite you to be my personal guest and experience all that Shapes has to offer. Call me: 941-341-9276.

“If you think you CAN, or CAN’T, you’re probably right”

 Born and raised in Michigan in a large family of 8 kids, inspired Gail’s independence, resilience, and work ethic. At 9 years old, Gail had a small pony ride business and a paper route until she went to high school.

Gail fell in love with fitness while competing in track meets as a young 12-year-old girl. She continued running and playing sports throughout high school. When she saw an opportunity to ‘get paid to workout’ she jumped at the chance. Her fitness career was launched teaching aerobics classes in Michigan in the early 80s.

Gail trained & competed in The Tampa Bay Classic bodybuilding competition. Obtained her credentials  ACE CPT,  and AFAA group fitness, as well as Tony Robbins Leadership and Dale Carnegie Leadership certifications.